مـنبر كـردفان

صفحـة الصمـغ

Welcome to Kordofan Development Foundation

KDF is a community organisation based in the London Borough of Camden and run by an elected board of trustees.


Our vision is to become a leading organisation promoting excellence in development of communities. To realise this vision we will raise, invest and  generate funds for innovation and empowerment.


KDF  main goal is to support people of Sudanese origin, mainly from Kordofan State with education to gain the necessary skills which enable them to fully participate  in community life in the United Kingdom.


Our services include provision of supplementary school, youth and family activities and free advice by self-referral for appointments or by telephone.


In addition, KDF collaborates with national and international non-governmental organisations working in Kordofan State in the provision of education, health and development of rural communities. Kordofan State is in central Sudan covering an area the size of Germany and with an estimated population of seven millions.


KDF is a member of Voluntary Action Camden (VAC) and is listed in Camden Cindex Database.


Our logo is the Baobab tree (Adansonia digitata) which towers majestically all over Kordofan. Baobab fruit pulp (gongoles) is very nutritious having approximately six times vitamin C than oranges and exceeding the calcium content of cow's milk.



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